You learn by doing. Our training reflects that.

Hands-On technologies help learners retain Amazon, Google, and Azure cloud material for real-world application. No added fees or downloads. Only with Linux Academy.

Technology training you can trust.

Over 50,000 monthly reviews with a 95% learner satisfaction rating.

In-House IT Experts

Learn from full-time, professional Linux Academy Training Architects with real-world IT operations experience.

Rigorous QA & Review

Have confidence that your training content went through multiple rounds of rigorous review and refinement.

Student-Led Ratings System

Hold us accountable to continue delivering the best content and to sustain our 95%+ satisfaction rating.

Learn-by-doing technologies

Our commitment to modern, experiential learning goes far beyond videos to give you the hands-on tools you need to learn faster, retain more, and succeed in the real world.

Linux Academy Hands-On Labs

Get Real with Hands-On Labs

Real, scenario-based labs in instantly-deployed environments. Available anytime, anywhere. Learn a new skill in as little as 15 minutes!

"The hands-on labs are all set up for you to dig right into the training so that all you have to do is follow the videos or content. You can follow along in a true, live environment and practice what you’re learning in the comfort of knowing that if something breaks, it’s okay because you can just restart the lab. The labs have helped me tremendously because it reinforces previous lessons and I’m a repetition guy. I have to keep doing it and doing it to reinforce it to the point that I feel comfortable."
Photo of Mike L

Mike L Systems Architect

Learn by doing

Go beyond theory and get real-world experience in real time with hands-on learning.

All-access, all the time

Access whenever you want, as often as you want without worrying about costs or hassle.

Over 700 Hands-On Labs

Use our hands-on labs to gain the in-demand skills you need in as little as 15 minutes.

Grasp Concepts with Interactive Diagrams

Connect the dots between our videos and Hands-On Labs. Follow along with a split-screen setup to interact with the content as you go.

“The interactive diagrams are fantastic! Like most engineers, I’m very visual when thinking about systems. I earn my living standing at a whiteboard in a conference room full of people, listening to requirements and mapping out solutions on the board. The Orion Papers will be in my mind’s eye for everything I do with AWS going forward.”
Photo of Eric H

Eric H IT Professional

Exclusive to Linux Academy

We build interactive diagrams from the ground-up exclusively for our training.

Better recall, better results

Learn by doing every step of the way to enhance your ability to retain the information.

Always innovating

We keep you ahead of the curve. New and updated content is released year-round.

Cloud Playground

The ultimate way to learn, practice, and make mistakes in our environments, not yours.

"Linux Academy’s Playground gives you complete flexibility to use servers and cloud sandboxes without having to worry about managing them. You can spin up different preinstalled distributions of Linux or cloud sandboxes to practice what you're learning and run these resources within any corporate company firewall, especially if your SSH has been blocked."
Photo of Saiyam Pathak

Saiyam Pathak Solution Engineer

Dedicated Playground Servers

Get real practice with our pre-configured servers to follow alongside training content.

Secure & Compliant

Instantly spin up in-browser terminals without downloads or port 22.

Free Sandbox Cloud Environments

Access AWS and Google Cloud sandbox environments and virtual machines at no cost. Azure coming soon.

Complete & Thorough Video Lessons

Learn at your own pace with in-depth video lessons created by full-time, professional Training Architects. We take pride in ensuring that you’re fully prepared for the real world.

"Linux Academy is way more than just videos. Between the cloud servers, hands-on labs, and everything else, it's just the best overall training platform I have ever used."
Photo of Joe H

Joe H DevOps System Administrator

Real-world applications

Some other training providers skim the surface. We go deep for real-world competencies.

In-depth and up-to-date

Timely. Thorough. And complete. Gain the confidence that only Linux Academy can provide.

Integrated content

Learn by doing in real time to absorb more material faster and deeper.

Transcripts & captions

Read along, search, and even download the text of a video lesson.

iOS & Android apps

Take your training on-the-go with the Linux Academy mobile app. Stream lessons online or download them for offline access. Free from the App Store and Google Play.

"The Android app makes it easy for me to learn, wherever I am. It uses external storage so I can download the video lessons and quizzes to train during my long flights."
Photo of Charles L

Charles L Senior Solutions Architect


Community of Learners

Come together with Linux Academy Training Architects and like-minded learners of every level. Get help and advice when and how you need it.

"Hands down the Linux Academy Community is the most friendly, respectful, helpful, and positive environment that I've ever been a part of. This was my go-to resource for getting a question answered in a way I could understand, having someone to bounce ideas off of, or getting the encouragement and direction I needed to push forward."
Photo of Jeremy Dezotel

Jeremy Dezotel Enterprise Sales Development

Full-Time Instruction

Our Training Architects are experts in their fields and dedicated to supporting your journey.

Community Forum

Get help, advice, and a bit of friendly competition in our vibrant community forum.

Support Center

Anytime you’re stuck, our Support team is here with information and assistance to get you back on track.

Flexible training tools

Build courses around your life, not the other way around.

Course Scheduler
Practice Exams & Quizzes

Course Scheduler

Stay on track and monitor progress by building your own custom schedule.

Practice Exams & Quizzes

Prepare for certifications and gauge learning with free practice material aligned to current exam standards.

Advance in your courses, advance in your career.

Your future self, realized.

Containers for the Absolute Beginner

Certified Professional

Certificate of Completion

Learning Paths

Follow a series of courses & content, planned by Training Architects for specific career objectives and certifications.

Certification Training

Pass exams, faster with designated courses, Hands-On Labs, and practice exams.

Certificates of Completion

Complete a Course, Learning Path or Hands-On Lab to receive a Certificate of Completion (and bragging rights) for all your hard work.