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Become a Course Author at Linux Academy and teach the cloud!

We've built a reputation for high quality and in-depth training, and we're looking for more course authors to help us build training on topics like Linux, AWS, DevOps, Azure, OpenStack, Containers, Google Cloud Platform, Networking, Security, and more. If you have a passion for any of these topics and an instinct for teaching, we'd love to work with you! We hire full time and part time course authors. We offer extremely competitive salaries and amazing benefits that include technology, 100% health care coverage, and more!

What we're looking for:

  1. Engineers/Architects/Developers/SysAdmins/DevOps Engineers who are super passionate about changing lives through online training
  2. Innovative thinkers who can contribute to amazing ideas that turn into products at Linux Academy
  3. Someone with a great personality who can use different delivery techniques to keep our students engaged
  4. Someone who is passionate about teaching and has Medium posts, conference talks, or Youtube how-to videos to back it up
  5. Full time positions are United States only. Contract positions open inside and outside of United States.

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Become a Course Author and change lives!

Help train engineers at large and small companies and sharpen your skills

Full name
Link to your website/portfolio/blog*
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Why are you a great fit for teaching at Linux Academy?*
What skills are you an expert at?*
What practical experience do you have with these skills?*
What ways are you active in the topic-related communities?*
* We'll get back to you if we feel you'd be a good fit for our Linux Academy course team.