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Students, get hands-on experience with Linux and cloud training courses! Linux Academy is now offering a three-month discounted student membership for $80.

Tutorials and tips are great, but they can’t teach real engineering. With Linux Academy, you can learn hands-on, and get experience not just parroting code, but thinking critically about technology and recognizing systemic challenges and solutions.

As a student, you’ll have access to our in-depth video courses and hands-on, scenario-based training labs. You’ll learn real engineering skills, and our full-time instructors are on hand to answer your questions, as needed.

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How it works

Are you a student at a university or college? Sign up for our three-month student package and receive over 20% off of the membership price. If you keep your membership past the initial three months, you keep your discounted plan! Your membership includes all the in-depth video content, labs, quizzes, and support for which Linux Academy is known. You can even connect with your professors and classmates to train together!

It’s a great way to make hands-on experience part of the Linux and cloud curriculum.

Make hands-on experience part of your Linux and cloud curriculum

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