Professors, supplement your courses with the definitive Linux and cloud training library

Tutorials and tips are great, but they can’t teach real engineering. With Linux Academy, your students can learn hands-on, and get experience not just parroting code, but thinking critically about technology and recognizing systemic challenges and solutions.

As a professor, you are uniquely positioned to train students in real skills in real environments, and we at Linux Academy want to support you by providing the tools your students need for hands-on practice.

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How it works

Are you a professor at a US-based university or college? Apply for a free professor account at Linux Academy. If approved, you'll get access to all of our training, tools, and courses. No tricks. No catch.

Browse our educational content and use it however you see fit. Complement and supplement your own curriculum with our video lessons, or add our practice exams, labs, and exercises at key points in your course.

With Linux Academy, your students get powerful tools for the hands-on practice of Linux, cloud, and engineering tasks. Linux Academy members get access to dedicated personal cloud servers.

For students to access Linux Academy training, they'll need to purchase a membership at our low student rate. If approved for a professor account, simply share your signup code with your students, so that they can purchase a membership. With your account, you'll also be able to see student progress inside Linux Academy, and monitor their successes.

Give your students the hands-on experience they deserve with Linux Academy!

Make hands-on experience part of your Linux and cloud curriculum

Apply now, and we'll contact you within a week. Open to professors and educators at the university level only.

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