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Limited Plan

Limited Plan

Access to basic courses and features

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  • Access to Limited Content ? Get limited access to our in-depth content on Linux and cloud topics.
  • Video Transcripts & Captions ? Read along, search, and even download the text of video lessons.
  • Interactive Diagrams ? Use visual-based interactive diagrams to quickly grasp concepts.
  • Learning Paths ? Prepare for a specific learning goal or career track with a series of hand-picked courses.
  • Custom Flash Cards ? Make card decks to focus and quiz yourself on specific learning topics that you choose.
  • Study Groups ? Fill in learning gaps with instructors and peers who are training in the same course.
  • Vibrant Member Community ? Engage with students and industry experts to discuss, ask questions, and help each other learn.
  • Gem Starter Pack ? 35 gems for learning or swag store.
  • Mobile Apps ? Download iOS and Android Apps to take learning on-the-go.

Paid, Full Access

All-Access Plan

Yearly Monthly
Save 24% with yearly plan
$37.42/month billed as $449 per year
$49.00/month billed as $49 per month

  • Everything in our Free Plan ? Get all the features in our free plan, plus…
  • Unlimited Access to All Content ? Get complete access to all of our in-depth content on Linux and cloud topics.
  • Hands-On Labs ? Real, scenario-based environments deployed on-demand for you to practice your skills.
  • Instant Labs ? Load labs in seconds to focus on learning and minimize wait time.
  • Cloud Playground ? Safely access and practice your new skills in different cloud computing platforms.
  • Cloud Servers ? Practice what you’re learning by spinning up pre-configured cloud servers.
  • Cloud Sandboxes ? Spin up sandbox cloud environments at no additional costs nor management.
  • Instant Terminal ? Access in-browser virtual machines.
  • Course Scheduler ? Set aside dedicated times with reminders for yourself to help meet learning goals.
  • Practice Exams/Quizzes ? Check your understanding and mentally prepare for a certification exam.
  • Downloadable Lesson Audio ? Take your learning with you, wherever you are.
  • Certificates of Completion ? Show off your new skills and knowledge in your resume or social network.
  • Quick Training ? Take in new knowledge on the cloud, even when you’re short on time.
  • Instructor Mentoring ? Get your questions answered quickly by industry experts.
  • Support ? Dedicated team ready to help you with any issues you may have.
  • Early Access to New Content ? Instant access to the hottest content on the market to power up your career (updated weekly).

Business Teams

Business Plans

Business Plans

Scalable, team cloud training

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  • Everything in All-Access Plan ? Get all the features of the All-Access Plan
  • Business Dashboard ? Team management to monitor your team's transformation.
  • Business Cloud Playground ? Ask about Business-only Cloud Playground servers.
  • Customizable Learning Paths ? Add any course, lesson, quiz, or hands-on lab to create the path(s) to success and assign them to specific team members.
  • Consolidated Billing ? Manage payments for your entire team from a single account.
  • Performance and Skill-Based Reports & Analytics ? Track team and individual progress in activity and engagement.
  • Assign Due Dates ? Keep the team accountable and on track.
  • Create Groups ? Create groups that can be managed by your team leads. Assign Learning Paths to individual sub-teams or everyone.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager ? Your team’s dedicated customer success manager is standing by to assist you every step of the way.
  • SSO (Coming Soon!) ? Quickly and easily sign into Linux Academy with your Google account.
  • Custom Cloud Playground (option) ? Business accounts can upgrade to bring their own, custom Linux or Windows images for their staff in a lab environment. Ask about the upgrade.

Student-tested, student-approved

Nicki Hames

Linux Academy has helped my team gain a lot more context into what we’re working on and confidence in what they’re building in AWS. It’s helpful that Linux Academy is more formalized and guided than our current sprint work. It’s clear as to what the team is working towards and being able to use these resources to get there has been instrumental.”

Photo of Nicki Hames

Nicki Hames Senior Associate

Hamza Y

“Linux Academy is currently the only online learning platform I know of that listens to what students want, and then creates quality courses to meet the needs of the students. Any student can suggest a course, and Linux Academy actually listens and delivers. The content on Linux Academy is not just about passing an exam; it really gives you what you need to perform on the job.

Photo of Hamza Y

Hamza Y Solutions Engineer

Christian Rojas

Linux Academy has amplified the skill set of the team as a whole. Engineers who are focused on supporting the application side of projects have been able to dive head first into AWS and gain a better understanding of the way infrastructure is built and services are leveraged. This has also helped the cloud team adopt new disciplines as the company progresses in its DevOps journey.”

Photo of Christian Rojas

Christian Rojas AWS Infrastructure & Security Architect

Monika M

I have developed very valuable skills while learning at Linux Academy, and I think that it is an incredible way to boost your career opportunities as well as broaden your knowledge to avoid stagnation in a constantly changing industry.”

Photo of Monika M

Monika M Jr Linux System Administrator

Lucas P

“I feel that Linux Academy truly cares about me and the tech community as a whole and makes sure we have access to the best education possible. As a business owner and graduate in Computer Networking and Information Technologies (with a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technologies), I can honestly say that all other things considered equal, I would look for candidates with completed courses at Linux Academy over a college degree.

Photo of Lucas P

Lucas P DevOps Engineer

Lewis Hookings

I genuinely believe that the most valuable service i spend my money on each month is Linux Academy. I have used many online learning resources over the years, but none come close to Linux Academy. From the incredible depth all the team put into the courses, to the online forum community, constant courses of new technology (Azure/Chef etc), to the very personal emails you send frequently and best of all the labs! Your lab environment completely revolutionized the way I learn. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for changing the way I learn, and to the benefit my career will receive because of the Team’s work.”

Photo of Lewis Hookings

Lewis Hookings IT Support Specialist

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