The Operator Lifecycle Manager

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The Operator Lifecycle Manager project is a component of the Operator Framework, an open source toolkit to manage Kubernetes native applications, called Operators, in an effective, automated, and scalable way.

The OLM extends Kubernetes to provide a declarative way to install, manage, and upgrade operators and their dependencies in a cluster, & also enforces some constraints on the components it manages in order to ensure a good user experience.

OLM enables users to:

  • Define applications as a single Kubernetes resource that encapsulates requirements and metadata.
  • Install applications automatically with dependency resolution or manually with nothing but kubectl.
  • Upgrade applications automatically with different approval policies.

It consists of the following objects:

  • CustomResourceDefinitions:
    • Subscription, InstallPlan, CatalogSource, ClusterServiceVersion
  • Namespace:
    • openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager
  • Service Account:
    • olm-operator-serviceaccount
  • ClusterRole:
    • system:controller:operator-lifecycle-manager
  • ClusterRoleBinding:
    • olm-operator-binding-openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager
  • CatalogSource:
    • rh-operators
  • ConfigMap:
    • rh-operators
  • Deployments:
    • olm-operator, catalog-operator, package-server

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