Launch an etcd Operator

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Launch an etcd Operator

Operators take the pressure off of systems administrators by ensuring that pods remain at a consistent count, replacing any deleted, destroyed, or damaged pods automatically. Launch an etcd operator using the template below, or by using the templates under the `content-deploy-an-operator/etcd-operator Github.

create etcd subscription named etcd-alpha-subscription.yaml:

kind: Subscription
  name: etcd
  namespace: myproject 
  channel: alpha
  name: etcd
  source: rh-operators
  installPlanApproval: Manual

Approving the InstallPlan

Modify the InstallPlan and set approved to true.

$ oc edit InstallPlan

Once the InstallPlan is set to true, you will see the newly provisioned ClusterServiceVersion, ClusterResourceDefinition, Role and RoleBindings, Service Accounts, and etcd-operator Deployment.

oc get clusterserviceversion
oc get crd
oc get sa
oc get roles
oc get rolebindings
oc get deployments

Creating the Custom Resource

Create the etcd-cluster.yaml Cluster manifest.

kind: EtcdCluster
  name: example-etcd-cluster
  size: 3

Create the etcd-cluster.

oc create -f etcd-cluster.yaml

Confirm the cluster has been created:

$ oc get etcdcluster
$ oc get pods

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