Install the Operator Lifecycle Manager on Minishift

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Installing the OpenShift Operator lifecycle manager on MiniShift

After launching a Minishift cluster, use the following instructions to deploy the Operator Lifecycle Manager & its components.

Clone the official OLM repository:

$ git clone \

install required objects:

$ oc create -f operator-lifecycle-manager/deploy/okd/manifests/0.7.2/

Verify that OLM CustomResourceDefinitions are available

oc get crds

Verify that the operators are currently running under the openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager namespace:

oc -n openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager get deploy

Verify that the CatalogSource & CatalogSource ConfigMap exist:

oc -n openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager get catalogsource
oc -n openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager get configmap

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