How to Use the Linux Academy Cloud Playground for this Course

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Lesson Summary:

This video provides an initial walkthrough on how to access and use Linux Academy's new Cloud Playground. The new service has replaced our now deprecated "Cloud Servers" platform. It is important to note that some videos in this course may use/refer to the old "Cloud Servers" platform, so here are a few important notes to remember and use:

1) If you see the instructor using (and/or telling you to use) login credentials such as "user" or "linuxacademy" AND the password "123456" - they will no longer work. Use the specific credentials provided to you (for the server you are using) in the new Cloud Playground user interface.

2) You cannot log into the Cloud Playground servers as the root user. However, you can access the root shell by using the command sudo -i.

NOTE: In this course, you may see the instructor running commands as the root user. In order to follow along with those commands, you must run the sudo -i command first. Otherwise, you will get a permissions error.

3) To access the servers GUI (if you provisioned a distribution that has one), you need to select "Actions" then "Graphical Shell" for your server in the Cloud Playground.

NOTE: You cannot access the GUI via VNC Viewer as port 5901 is blocked.

Detailed documentation on the new Cloud Playground can be found here:

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