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Linux System Administrator/Engineer - Mid Level (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

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Your background with Red Hat Linux and system administration served as a good foundation to start your career. However, you may now be asking “what’s next”? This Learning Path will provide you with the necessary knowledge and

Start of Learning Path
Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator - RHCSA (EX200) Exam Prep
Duration: 37:46:12

This prep course designed by the Linux Academy takes the public objects for Red Hat's RHCSA 7 certification and puts you on the path to succeed the examination. At Linux Academy, we want to provide you with an in-depth understanding of managing a Red Hat system at an administrator level so that you can use your skills on real servers in the real world.   The Linux Academy is in no away affiliated with Red Hat, Inc, and this course is not provided or reviewed by Red Hat, Inc.

Mastering The Linux Command Line
Duration: 02:40:47

Once you have taken the plunge and gotten your feet wet in the world of Linux, you stop to look around and ask yourself "what's next"? We will help you answer that question by introducing you to the powerful world of the command line. Although certain companies have spent enormous amounts of time and resources in ridding their operating system of the command line, Linux embraces the power and flexibility that it offers. Mastering the Command Line This course will help the new Linux user learn the power and flexibility of the command line. As a compliment to the comprehensive and user friendly GUI that is the Linux Desktop, the command line offers unparalleled control over your system, how it works and how you get work done. In this course, some of the items that will be covered are: Text Editors Directory and File Management (Copy, Move and Delete Files and Directories) Keyboard Shortcuts Shell Configuration Files and Variables How to View Command Line History Finding Files and Directories Streams, Piping and Redirects (and What That Means) Text Manipulation and Searching Compressing and Archiving Automation of Common System Tasks After viewing these videos you will truly grasp the power at your fingertips. These command line videos will give you the tools needed to perform basic and advanced tasks whether you are logged in to your desktop or at the command line on your company server. What's Next The Linux Academy by is committed to developing additional materials for all things Linux. We have a large number of course available for Linux Beginners to Advanced Administrators. Keep your eye on this page for more information!

Mastering Systemd
Duration: 07:01:20

So you have heard that systemd is the new way that services and daemons are managed on a Linux system.  Most of the popular distributions have already adopted it, and now you need to learn how to use it.  Follow along with us as we explore the history of this Linux subsystem and why we have it now.  You will even learn how to use systemd to create your own service files, and see how much simpler it is to use compared to the older init system.

SQL Primer
Duration: 04:14:06

The Structured Query Language (or SQL) is how we both define and manipulate data within a traditional Relational Database Management System (or RDBMS). In this course, we are going to learn how to structure SQL statements that do just that. Learn how to create databases, manage access, create tables, insert and update data, create indexes and more. We will demonstrate SQL functions and talk about how they differ from the more traditional SQL statements. All of this will be accomplished at a SQL command line within MySQL, but will apply equally to SQL compliant RDBMS systems in general.

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