Writing a Script to Perform Conditional Input Testing

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Time required: 2 Hours


Create the script for the indicated scenario using the 'bash' shell. Using one or more conditionals and loops from the course, meet the requirements as listed.


This lab will test your understanding of basic shell scripting, including user interaction, conditional tests and looping.


You have begun your new role as a System Administrator supporting the order entry and receiving teams at a shipping company. The warehouse computer systems have just been updated to CentOS Linux. The conditions in the warehouse can be stressful to computer peripherals, particularly the keyboards.

Create a script that will allow the shipping staff the ability to enter in text and numbers in order to test their keys for functionality. After each line, ask the operator if they see all the letters they have typed. If they indicate YES, end the program. If they indicate NO, allow them to retry twice more before returning a message that they should contact the support desk to come and look at their keyboard.

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