Using an Existing Authentication Service

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Time required: 1 Hours


Connect a Red Hat Enterprise system to a provisioned LDAP domain server.


In this lab, we are going to learn to connect a Red Hat 7 machine to an AD LDAP domain.

NOTE: You will need to refer to the following information during your scenario:

Domain FQDN:


Domain Administrator: Administrator

Domain Admin Password: LinuxAcademy123!


SSO Username: test

SSO User password: LinuxAcademy123


One of the servers in your environment needs to be connected to an existing AD LDAP Domain (see the description above or the Lab Guide for details).

NOTE: Please do NOT perform a 'yum upgrade' of the server, doing so may cause the 'realmd' service to fail because of other dependencies.

You will configure the user to authenticate via Kerberos and for the home directory of the domain user to mount via NFS dynamically on sign in.

Once you have verified the user(s) are able to sign in, you will display the remote filesystem mounts and verify they are from the anticipate LDAP server.

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