Use Network Teaming or Bonding to Configure Aggregated Network Links Between Two Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems

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Time required: 2 Hours


In this lab, you will be presented with a Red Hat server configured to allow you to practice the concepts reviewed during the RHCE course videos of the same name for bonding network links. Remember to watch the video on the network configuration.

You will only be presented with TWO network adapters due to configuration limitations. This will cause the the final step for bringing the adapters up in this environment to fail. It is expected and normal, but the steps will be the exact same for a live system with more adapters. 

If you have your own lab environment, you can follow along with the videos using a VM with a minimum of 3 network adapters.


This will set up a single Red Hat 7 system with network interfaces containing an IPv4 address.

* Static Routes

* Network Teaming

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