Use Kerberos to Control Access to NFS Shares

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Time required: 4 Hours


This lab provides users with three servers, that should be used as follows: - Server 1: KDC Kerberos Server (You will see this listed) - Server 2: NFS Server and Kerberos Client (You will see this listed) - Server 3: NFS Client and Kerberos Client (It will be available, but will NOT be listed) We will setup a KDC server, configure a client for authentication, configure a simple NFS share for an NFS client, and then protect that share with Kerberos by adding the appropriate principles to the KDC server and mounting the share and writing to the drive. NOTE: Do to a configuration limitation, your third server will not show once the lab is started. However, it will be up and available on internal IP (whereas the two showing will be and In order to connect, use the same credentials but login first to one of the first two servers and then SSH to the from there.


1 - Setup the KDC Server
2 - Setup NFS Server and Client
3 - Set up a Kerberos Client
4 - Protect NFS Share with Kerberos

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