Server Application Requires a Secure SSH Connection

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Time required: 2 Hours


The creation and exchange of SSH keys for secure communication.


Working with SSH keys is a key concept in securing communications in any distributed environment. You will create keys and use them to authenticate a user on a server.


The new warehouse your shipping company has purchased in Kansas has yet another legacy application. This application makes an SSH connection using a specific user to itself and needs to be able to connect without providing any password.

You will need to create the service account for this system, simply called 'client'. This user account has to be able to create an SSH connection to itself (i.e. localhost), however, the application assumes there is no password necessary. Since security policy dictates that all accounts, local or otherwise, MUST have a password, you will need to create the appropriate key and add it to the system so an SSH connection can be initiated securely with the server itself.

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