Remote Server Timezone Configuration

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Time required: 3 Hours


Working with timezones in an enterprise setting is a common occurence. Understanding how to search for and ultimately configure a timezone on your system your goal.


Timezone configuration and setting for a remote server outside the current location is something everyone runs into as a system administration as we manage geographically distributed environments. You will work to resolve a timezone discrepancy in this lab.


The shipping company you have recently become the system administrator for has acquired a new warehouse in Kansas. The shipping system that was sent to this new location as part of your CentOS rollout was completely configured with your standard corporate image before being sent.

Unfortunately, your systems at the home office are all in New York, in the Eastern Timezone. Shipping times are skewed because of the timezone setting and are causing delays with our carriers. You will need to remote into the system and select the appropriate timezone for Kansas and then set it correctly and verify time is being reported for that part of the country.

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