Remote GUI VNC Setup

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Time required: 2 Hours


This Hands On Lab will show you how to set up a remote VNC connection to your Debian (Ubuntu, Cinnamon or Plain Debian) or RPM based (CentOS, Red Hat) Linux distributions. The two methods differ in the server configuration, although securing the connection locally and remotely are the same. Where differences exist, they will be clearly noted.


Whenever a need arises to access a server's GUI desktop environment, this will allow you to do so securely.

By tunneling VNC over SSH, you will be able to remotely access the desktop environment without risk of passwords being sniffed or man in the middle attacks compromising your environment.

Using SSH to connect to the desktop GUI will allow basic SSH port traffic to respond for all VNC ports (reducing the need for additional non-standard firewall ports to be open at the client or server level)

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