Order Entry Databases Are Missing Records

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Time required: 3 Hours


Update the customer and order database tables in the order entry database to reflect records that were inadvertantly deleted by the accounting staff.


This lab will require you to download and install a preconfigured database instance populated with the latest copy of the customer order entry database. You will be required to add the provided records to both tables and then display the results to verify.


The accounting department in your shipping company has inadvertent deleted several customer and associated order records from the order entry database while you are on vacation. Fortunately, they were able to save the values in each row from a screen print you have been sent.

You have been asked to download the latest database from the remote server and add the records directly (if they do it, it will attempt to ship the products again and skew this week's financial summary). You need to add two customers and a single order for each one to the appropriate database tables. Once completed, execute a query that will show all the orders along with the customer information to verify the data is there.

Customer Data
Customer Number: 111
Name: Jason Smith
Customer Age: 41

Customer Number: 112
Customer Name: Sheila Jones
Customer Age: 33

Order Data
Order Number: 505
Customer Number: 111
Item Description: Fuzzy Slippers
Item Price: $14

Order Number: 506
Customer Number: 112
Item Description: Umbrella
Item Price: $99

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