Mounting NFS Network File Systems

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Time required: 2 Hours


Create an NFS server to share a directory with other servers on the network, test the export from another server.


In this lab, we will be creating an NFS server that will export a directory for use by other servers on our network. We will use two Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7 servers, Server 1 as the NFS Server and Server 2 as the client for testing.


You will be creating an NFS shared directory that is intended to be shared amongst other servers on your network. The directory you will use for export on Server 1 will need to be created and called '/nfs_shared'.

Ensure that all the necessary server component for NFS are installed on Server 1. When configuring the directory for export, you want to be sure that client servers have read/write access, that root accounts remotely will have root access to the server filesystem mounted.

Once the services are started on Server 1, you will want to create a mount point on Server 2 for the NFS share and add persistent mounting parameters to the appropriate startup file for storage systems. Be sure that the read/write size indicated on mount for the share is 8K and that any failed mounts will timeout after 1.4 seconds.

NOTE: These are internal servers and thus you will need to use the internal/private IP addresses in your configuration of exports and mounts.

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