Managing Disk Quotas

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Time required: 3 Hours


Create partitions and filesystems that we can apply user and group usage quotas to.


In this lab, you will be presented with a single CentOS 6 image containing an additional three disks that can be partitioned and formatted for use during the video instruction or downloadable guide. You will configure disk usage quotas on one or more partitions as part of this lab.


1. Partition one or more devices
2. Create filesystems on one or more partitions
3. Mount those filesystems persistently on the system
4. Use the 'mount -a' command to test the persistent configuration
5. Add quota options to the chosen mount
6. Create a user for assigning a disk quota to
7. Configure quota on the intended filesystem
8. Create a soft and hard limit quota for space on the created use
9. Forcibly exceed those quotas and observe the results
10. Generate a quota report on system users

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