Installing X Windows, Display Manager and Desktop Packages for Deployment

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Time required: 2 Hours


You will use the appropriate package management system to install the various packages and components to support a full CentOS desktop when the image is packaged up and sent to the Help Desk to deploy.


This lab will demonstrate your ability to install a full desktop environment on a CentOS 6 cloud image that can then be packaged up and sent out for deployment.


Your shipping company is beginning to place CentOS desktops on the Help Desk desktops. The standard image that has been used in the warehouse up to this point is a terminal only environment.

You are being asked to install the packages necessary to support a full desktop environment. The image is currently running on a cloud environment, so you will not be able to fully configure the desktop, but your activities will allow them to create a desktop image that can be deployed and completed on each system once installed on the physical machines.

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