Installing Docker CE and Pulling Images for Container Utilization

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Time required: 2 Hours

Suggested Pre Requisites

This lab, along with the course in general, requires experience with Linux and the Linux CLI as well as a basic familiarity with Docker.


The student will learn to install Docker CE, dependencies and enable it for start on boot. Verify with installing images locally on the system.


This lab will allow you to practice installing the Docker Community Edition, enable and start the service and configure a non-privileged account for access. You will then use that to pull an image from the default Docker Hub repository and make it available for containers.


Your development team is beginning the development of their new web-based API. Now that your organization has made the decision to move to a Docker Swarm implementation, they need some time to get used to containers and how to use them.

They have provided you with the credentials and connection information for a CentOS 7 system in the development environment. You have been asked to install the Docker Community Edition on this server and configure it so that it is started and will start on reboot automatically. Please be sure to use the latest version and all of its dependencies, that are available directly from Docker.

Your team has asked you to configure Docker CE so that the user provided to you is able to execute Docker CE commands without needing to do so with elevated (i.e. sudo) privileges. So please configure the service appropriately.

Finally, they would like you to pull the following images for their use and make sure they are locally available:
* CentOS 7 (latest)
* CentOS 6 (latest)
* Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Once you verify they are installed and can be accessed with the user you are provided, you can turn the system over for their use.

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