Installing and Updating Software

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Time required: 1 Hours


Use the provided lab server to perform the tasks in the scenario provided.


  • Install software.
  • Check where files have come from.
  • Install a remote repository and query it for information.
  • Delete software.


This lab covers how to find and install a new package onto a server, how to check that a package installed correctly, and how to add and delete packages from a server. For this lab, we will be extracting the packages Apache and Audacity, as well as deleting and then re-creating an EPEL package.

Repository Configuration:

name=Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 7 - $basearch

Repository Key File Command:

wget -O /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL-7


You have been given responsibility for a new server. This server needs to have some packages installed for use as well as maintenance done on the available repositories for system installation.

This server will be used for local development of websites and should have a local text-only web browser (elinks) as well as the Apache web server. Verify the Apache installation once complete by starting the appropriate service and using the 'elinks' browser to display the default site on 'localhost'.

Additional software not available in the standard repositories is needed. The repository is called 'epel' and will need to be created in a file called 'epel.repo' in the appropriate repository directory on your system (see the repository configuration text in the description for this lab). Once you have the repository created, you will need to import the repository keyfile to verify packages with when you install them (see the repository key file command in the description above).

After updating your system to verify the new repository, search for a package called 'audacity' and display information about that package and verify the repository it is available from.

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