Add and Remove Volumes, Partition Disks, and Work with LVM

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Time required: 2 Hours


In this lab you have a Red Hat Enterprise 6 server.  Use this to follow along with the objectives in the scenario presented.


Add and Remove Volumes, Partition Disks and Work with LVM.


Add and Remove Volumes, Partition Disks and Work with LVM using the provisioned server with additional drives.


You have been tasked with adding a new mount point on a server that uses lvm to combine 2 drives to create a folder to store logfiles in. You wont use all of the space on the new drives so that it can be used for something else later if required.

The 2 new drives are located at /dev/sdb and at /dev/sdc (change as required)

As a result, you will need to create new LVM partitions on both disks and initialize them for use with LVM. Once initialized, you will create the volume group to hold the new disks and ensure it has been successfully created.

In order to test, create a 10gb Logical Volume and then confirm successful creation of the expected size. Format the filesystem and mount it and then verify it appears as intended.

Once testing is complete, you will completely undo all of the Logical Volumes and Volume Groups you created above in order to make the entire amount of newly provisioned space available for use. Verify all groups have been removed.

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