Accessing Systems and Working With Files

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Time required: 1 Hours


In this lab you have 2 centos 7 servers.  Use them to follow along with the objectives in the scenario presented.


Perform scenario tasks with ssh and files and folders.


Perform scenario tasks with ssh and files and folders.


You have inherited two new systems in your system administrator role and have been provided user credentials for each. The majority of your work will be done on Server 1, but you will occasionally need to access Server 2 in order to perform backups. As a result, you need to create and exchange the SSH key from your user account on Server 1 with Server 2 and then verify you have access without being prompted for a password.

Now, you will want to test your ability to perform various file backups on the systems. Creating a backup directory in the top level filesystem, you will need to change ownership and copy files and directories from either a directory structure you created or some other directory structure on the system. Creating a soft link to that top level directory you just copied, test your ability to archive and compress it into an appropriately named archive file.

Finally, test your ability to copy that file from Server 1 to Server 2 and then restore it in your home directory, verifying that the files and folders were restored.

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