212 - Secure Shell and SSH Key Exchange

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Time required: 2 Hours

Suggested Pre Requisites

NOTE: In labs where you are provided with TWO Lab Servers for these scenarios, you will only see the public and private IPs for ONE of them. You must use the displayed public IP to connect to BOTH servers. Server one will be displayed, in order to SSH to server two, you must connect first to the public IP on server one and then SSH from there to the private IP for server two (see example in the videos and guide). Again, this will ONLY apply to scenarios where you have two lab servers involved (which you will be told in your Lab Guide document as well as the first scenarion video).


You will use this lab to complete the objectives covered in the course around SSH server and key exchange.


This lab will allow us to practice using SSH keys.


1. Create local public and private SSH keys
2. Exchange the keys with a remote system using SSH-COPY-ID
3. Exchange the keys using the manual method for our exam objectives
4. Explore the 'authorized_keys' file
5. Login using the SSH key to a remote host
6. Generate SSH keys for two factor authentication
7. Learn how to use SSH-AGENT to bind your key to a bash shell

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