205 - Advanced Network Configuration, Routing and Troubleshooting

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Time required: 3 Hours


NOTE: You will be provided with TWO Lab Servers for these scenarios. You will only see the public and private IPs for ONE of them. You must use the displayed public IP to connect to BOTH servers. Server one will be displayed, in order to SSH to Server two, you must connect first to the public IP on Server one and then SSH from there to the private IP for Server two (see example in the videos and guide).  


You are presented with two servers, each one with two network interfaces, only one is configured on each server. You will:
1. Display all detected (but not necessarily active) network interfaces
2. Configure the second ethernet interface on Server One
3. Display the arp tables on each Server
4. Remove Server Two's arp entry from the arp table on Server One
5. Display the new arp table without the associated hardware address
6. Ping Server Two to restore the arp entry and display it
7. Use the Netstat command to show various network statistics on one or both servers
8. List all open files and their processes and applications on one or both servers
9. Create an "echo" server on Server Two that can be connected to from Server One using the "nc" utility to verify connectivity

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