NGINX Web Server Deep Dive

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Keith Thompson
A software craftsman with love for all things Linux. Whether it's writing large scale web applications, automating deployment pipelines, or merely creating scripts to do the tedious work, Keith is always looking to learn and improve himself as an engineer. This love of learning and growth manifested into an insatiable drive to teach and spread his love of technology with others.

Course Introduction

Getting Started

Introducing NGINX

Installing and Running NGINX

NGINX as a Web Server

Basic Web Server Configuration

Basic NGINX Security

NGINX Rewrites

NGINX Modules

NGINX as a Reverse Proxy

Reverse Proxy

NGINX as a Load Balancer

Load Balancing

NGINX Logging


Advanced NGINX Security


Tuning NGINX Performance


Course Conclusion

Final Steps


In this course, you will learn how to install, configure, and customize NGINX for a wide variety of uses. While following along with lessons, you will be educated in how to use the NGINX documentation to assist you as you work with NGINX. By the end of the course, you will have experienced configuring NGINX as a web server, reverse proxy, cache, and load balancer while also having learned how to compile additional modules, tune for performance, and integrate with third-party tools like Let's Encrypt.

Study Guides

What Is NGINX?

This is the slideshow used in the "What is NGINX?" lesson.

What is HTTP?

This is the slideshow from the "What is HTTP?" lesson.

NGINX vs Apache

This is the slideshow from the "NGINX vs Apache" lesson.

Proxy vs Reverse Proxy

This is the slideshow from the "Proxy vs Reverse Proxy" lesson.

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