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Terrence Cox
A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics.

Getting Started With LXC/LXD

Introduction to LXC/LXD

About the Author

LXD vs. Docker

LXC/LXD: Installation and Configuration

Installing LXC/LXD

Exercise: Install LXC/LXD


Troubleshooting LXD Installations

Launching Your First Container

Exercise: Launching Your First Container


Quiz: LXC/LXD Check Up

LXC/LXD Images

LXC Images

Exercise: Using and Creating LXC/LXD Images


Quiz: LXC Images

Quiz: LXC/LXD Basics

LXC/LXD Persistent Storage

Setting up ZFS with LXD

Exercise: Using ZFS with LXC


Quiz: LXC Storage Check-up

LXD/LXD Networking

LXC Networking

Exercise: Experimenting with LXC Networking


Exercise: Exposing Container Ports


Multi-Host LXD Share a Discreet Layer-2 Network

Quiz: Networking Check Up

Container Use Cases with LXC/LXD

LXC/LXD Challenge Exercises

Development Web Cluster

Exercise: Challenge: Create Proxy to Multiple Web Server Containers



Exercise: Challenge: Deploy a Simple Microservice


Database Replication Testing

Exercise: Challenge: Set up a Test Galera Cluster


Automatic Backup Testing

Exercise: Challenge: Set up Automatic Backup Testing


Quiz: LXC/LXD Quiz

Where Do I Go From Here?


"Container" is the new buzzword, but it doesn’t just mean Docker! This course will dive into LXC (LinuX Containers) and its container manager, LXD.  Students will explore how containers work, how they compare with virtual machines and Docker containers, and how they handle application isolation.  Students will get hands-on by installing and configuring containers and thoughtfully selecting a persistent storage strategy.  The course also covers the intricacies of container networking including inter-container communication, managing container networks, and exposing container ports on the host.  For advanced students, several use cases are explored and implemented using this exciting technology.

Study Guides

LXC/LXD Cheat Sheet

A list of commonly used LXC commands and their appropriate usage.

VMs vs. Containers Diagram

Diagram used in the lessons about the differences between Virtual Machines and Containers.

Docker vs. LXD Diagram

DIagram used in the lesson going calling out major differences between Docker and LXD.

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