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Kenneth Armstrong
Kenny first encountered Solaris UNIX while I was in the military, and found out about Linux through the grapevine. He has worked with Linux in local government, fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and by providing training. I have received Linux certifications from LPI, CompTIA, and Red Hat. Kenny has been working with Linux for nearly two decades and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others about the system, and strives to learn more about the operating system every day.


Course Overview

The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source

Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems

How to Access a Linux Installation

Major Open Source Applications

Understanding Open Source Software and Licensing

ICT Skills and Working in Linux

Quiz: The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source

Finding Your Way on a Linux System

Command Line Basics

Using the Command Line to Get Help

Exercise: Man Page Walkthrough


Exercise: Basic Command Line


Using Directories and Listing Files

Exercise: Maneuvering the Linux File System


Creating, Moving and Deleting Files

Exercise: Creating a New Directory Structure


The Power of the Command Line

Archiving Files on the Command Line

Exercise: Create an Archive File


Searching and Extracting Data from Files

Exercise: Practicing with Pipes and Grep


Turning Commands into a Script

Exercise: Using the vi Text Editor


The Linux Operating System

Choosing an Operating System

Understanding Computer Hardware

Where Data is Stored

Your Computer on the Network

Exercise: View Your Network Information


Security and File Permissions

Basic Security and Identifying User Types

Creating Users and Groups

Exercise: Managing User Accounts


Managing File Permissions and Ownership

Special Directories and Files


Exam Prep

Quiz: Practice Exam

Conclusion and Next Steps

Course Wrap Up and Next Steps


This course teaches the basic concepts of processes, programs and the components of the Linux operating system. You learn the basic knowledge of computer hardware, gain an understanding of open source applications in the workplace, and learn to navigate systems on a Linux desktop rudimentary commands to navigate the Linux command line.   This course is a prep course for the Linux Essentials exam from Linux Professional Institute and is meant to help those without Linux experience to pass their first Linux certification. This course covers objectives for the LPI Essentials exam version 1.5.

Study Guides

LPI Linux Essentials Study Sheet

This study sheet is intended to help you do a targeted review of key topics that are very likely to be covered during your Linux Essentials LPI exam. This is not intended to replace any quizzed, labs or lectures here at Linux Academy, but can be used as a final review just prior to your exam.

Linux Essentials Command Line Cheat Sheet

A reference list of all commands and switches addressed in the Linux Essentials course. Not intended for actual cheating.

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