LPIC-1: System Administrator – Exam 102 (v5 Objectives)

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Kenneth Armstrong
Kenny first encountered Solaris UNIX while I was in the military, and found out about Linux through the grapevine. He has worked with Linux in local government, fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and by providing training. I have received Linux certifications from LPI, CompTIA, and Red Hat. Kenny has been working with Linux for nearly two decades and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others about the system, and strives to learn more about the operating system every day.


About This Course

105: Shells and Shell Scripting

105.1 Customize and Use the Shell Environment

105.2 Customize or Write Simple Scripts

106: User Interfaces and Desktops

106.1 Install and Configure X11

106.2 Graphical Desktops

106.3 Accessibility

107: Administrative Tasks

107.1 Manage User and Group Accounts and Related System Files

107.2 Automate System Administration Tasks by Scheduling Jobs

107.3 Localization and Internationalization

108: Essential System Services

108.1 Maintain System Time

108.2 System Logging

108.3 Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Basics

108.4 Manage Printers and Printing

109: Networking Fundamentals

109.1 Fundamentals of Internet Protocols

109.2 Persistent Network Configuration

109.3 Basic Network Troubleshooting

109.4 Configure Client-Side DNS

110: Security

110.1 Perform Security Administration Tasks

110.2 Set Up Host Security

110.3 Securing Data with Encryption


Course Wrap-Up


Continuing on from our previous Linux+ and LPIC-1: System Administrator - Exam 101 course, we complete the objectives for the LPIC-1 exam. We will cover the content that is tested under the Exam 102-500 test that will be released in the Fall of 2018.

NOTE: This course is for EXAM 102-500, which will replace the 400 series in early 2019!

Study Guides

Setting Up the Shell Environment

Slide deck for the shell environment video.

Study Guide

Study guide for the LPIC-1 102-500 exam.



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