LPIC-3 Exam 303: Security

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Stosh Oldham
I have been working with technology in some way or another ever since my high school days. After attaining my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I spent over a decade in IT working on anything from fixing printers to engineering enterprise IT systems. I now have the privileged of sharing my expertise as a Linux Training Architect for Linux Academy. When I am not sitting behind a terminal, I like going on holiday and spending time with my family.


Course Introduction

Topic 325: Cryptography

325.1 X.509 Certificates and Public Key Infrastructures

325.2 X.509 Certificates for Encryption, Signing and Authentication

325.3 Encrypted File Systems

325.4 DNS and Cryptography

Topic 326: Host Security

326.1 Host Hardening

326.2 Host Intrusion Detection

326.3 User Management and Authentication

326.4 FreeIPA Installation and Samba Integration

Topic 327: Access Control

327.1 Discretionary Access Control

327.2 Mandatory Access Control

327.3 Network File Systems

Topic 328: Network Security

328.1 Network Hardening

328.2 Network Intrusion Detection

328.3 Packet Filtering

328.4 Virtual Private Networks


Review and Next Steps


This course is designed to prepare students to take the LPIC-3 Exam 303: Security certification. The course covers a wide variety of security topics and technologies in a platform agnostic manner. Students will gain practical insights and best practice regarding security on various Linux platforms.

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Complete slide deck for LPIC-3 303 course.


This file provides a simple shell script example on how to prepare a CentOS 7 for use with iptables.

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All course slides for LPI-3 303.

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The companion study guide for the LPIC3-303 Preparation Course.

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