LPIC-3 Exam 304: Virtualization and High Availability

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Course Introduction



330.1 Virtualization Concepts and Theory

330.2 Xen

330.3 KVM

330.4 Other Virtualization Solutions

330.5 Libvirt and Related Tools

330.6 Cloud Management Tools

High Availability and Cluster Management

334.1 High Availability Concepts and Theory

334.2 Load Balanced Clusters

334.3 Failover Clusters

334.4 High Availability in Enterprise Linux Distributions

High Availability Cluster Storage

335.1 DRBD / cLVM

335.2 Clustered File Systems

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This course is designed to prepare you for the LPIC-3 304 Virtualization and High Availability exam. The material on this course will mirror the public objectives provided by LPI (https://www.lpi.org/our-certifications/exam-304-objectives). The course will open with an introduction to virtualization and many of the key concepts. Once we have a base understanding of virtualization, we will move on to specific virtualization platforms and utilities. The second half of the course is focused on High Availability. This section will cover the concepts and theories of high availability, and then move on to practical application. Some of the areas covered will include load balanced and failover clusters, as well as clustered storage and file systems.

NOTE: The interactive diagram in use during this course can be accessed through 'Downloads' in the Syllabus or from this link directly - https://www.lucidchart.com/documents/embeddedchart/80981d3e-93a0-498f-a210-f35de90dbbfe#

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Interactive Diagram for LPIC-3 Exam 304 Virtualization and High Availability

This is the interactive diagram used throughout the course!

Variations in Virtual Machine Monitors

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Pros and Cons

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Migration P2V V2V

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Cloud Computing

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