Cloud Native Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

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Chad Crowell
Chad is an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in the IT field. In his career history, he has transitioned from managing large datacenters with racks of physical servers to utilizing the cloud and automating infrastructure in a way that makes late night service interruptions a thing of the past. Chad enjoys sharing his experiences and helping people discover how they can use technology to make their lives easier, whether that be through automation, containers, infrastructure as code, or otherwise.

Course Introduction


Core Concepts (19%)

Understanding Kubernetes Architecture

Installation, Configuration, and Validation (12%)

Building the Kubernetes Cluster

Cluster (11%)

Managing the Kubernetes Cluster

Networking (11%)

Cluster Communications

Scheduling (5%)

Pod Scheduling within the Kubernetes Cluster

Application Lifecycle Management (8%)

Deploying Applications in the Kubernetes Cluster

Storage (7%)

Managing Data in the Kubernetes Cluster

Security (12%)

Securing the Kubernetes Cluster

Logging and Monitoring (5%)

Monitoring Cluster Components

Troubleshooting (10%)

Identifying Failure within the Kubernetes Cluster

Practice Exam

Hands-On Practice Exam


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This course prepares you for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. You will learn how all of the components of a Kuberenetes cluster work together, how to monitor all components of a cluster, and how to build your own Kubernetes cluster from scratch. We will also cover networking, deploying applications, scheduling pods, logging, and a whole lot of practice in the command line.

The CKA exam is heavily focused on practical application, as it is a hands-on test of your ability to run commands to perform specific actions. There are no multiple-choice questions in this exam. To account for this, you will be provided with a number of hands-on labs to practice on your own and best prepare for the exam.

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