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LiNUX Course

Linux+ and LPIC-1: System Administrator - Exam 101

This course will help to prepare you for the Linux+ and Linux Professional Institute Level 1 Certification Exam 1. We will cover all of the objectives as listed on the http://www.lpi.org site for this exam. You will learn how to administer users, navigate Linux filesystems, manage processes, start services, use remote network shares, and more throughout this course. Using our practice servers, exercises and Hands-on Labs, you will gain all the experience you need to be successful on this first part of your journey to the Linux+ and LPIC-1 certification.

NOTE: This course is current for 2017 Objectives as listed on the http://lpi.org site and covers the following topics in detail: 

  • System Architecture
    • Determine and Configure Hardware Settings
    • Boot the System
    • Change Runlevels and Boot Targets, Shutdown and Reboot the System
  • Linux Installation and Package Management
    • Design Hard Disk Layouts
    • Installing a Boot Manager
    • Manage Shared Libraries
    • Use Debian Package Management
    • Use RPM and YUM Package Management
  • GNU and Unix Commands
    • Work on the Command Line
    • Process Text Streams and Filters
    • Perform Basic File Management
    • Use Streams, Pipes and Redirects
    • Create, Monitor and Kill Processes
    • Modify Execution Priorities
    • Search Text Files Using Regular Expressions
    • Perform Basic File Editing Operations Using VI
  • Devices, Linux Filesystems and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
    • Create Partitions and Filesystems
    • Maintain the Integrity of Filesystems
    • Control Mounting and Unmounting of Filesystems
    • Manage Disk Quotas
    • Manage File Permissions and Ownership
    • Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Linkx
    • Find System Files and Place Files in the Correct Location

Length: 35:44:03


LiNUX Course

Introduction To Linux With Ubuntu 14 Desktop

Linux Academy: Introduction to Linux As Linux continues to grow both at home and in the Enterprise, you cannot afford not to be familiar with this rapidly growing operating system. With a little help from Linux Academy, you can cut through the jargon and confusion and make sure you are not passed by others with the knowledge you are lacking. Intro to Linux Linux Academy helps cut through the terminology and technology jargon to plainly introduce you to Linux concepts. The best place to start is at the very beginning. We will expose you to the history of Linux and talk about the common concepts that apply to all flavors of it. We will talk about Distributions, the differences between Desktop and Server Linux and the pieces that go into each one. Our focus during the course of these videos will be on the Desktop, everything from getting Linux installed to customizing it to suit your needs. Get Your Feet Wet Once you understand some of the basic terms, Linux Academy helps you dip your toes in the water. We will walk through installing a Linux distribution in a virtual machine and talk about the process on a physical desktop. Next, we show you how to install Linux on your desktop alongside your Windows installation so you can choose which one to start when you turn on your system. Once you complete these introductory videos, you will be surfing the internet and watching movies on your new Desktop Linux installation. Learn the Basics Now that your Linux distribution is up and running, we show you the basics of: User Management Files and Directories Updates and Repositories Desktop Installation and Customization Proprietary Drivers Running Windows Applications In Linux Gaming And Much, Much More You will gain an overall understanding of exactly what Linux is, what you can use it for and how to go about it. Our course notes include topics and information covered in all the videos for your use and study. When You Want More This course is a natural first step in your journey of Linux exploration and discovery. At Linux Academy by Pinehead, all of our courses are taught by instructors with a combined 30+ years of experience in Information Technology and Linux.

Length: 03:35:50
LiNUX Course

Mastering The Linux Command Line

Once you have taken the plunge and gotten your feet wet in the world of Linux, you stop to look around and ask yourself "what's next"? We will help you answer that question by introducing you to the powerful world of the command line. Although certain companies have spent enormous amounts of time and resources in ridding their operating system of the command line, Linux embraces the power and flexibility that it offers. Mastering the Command Line This course will help the new Linux user learn the power and flexibility of the command line. As a compliment to the comprehensive and user friendly GUI that is the Linux Desktop, the command line offers unparalleled control over your system, how it works and how you get work done. In this course, some of the items that will be covered are: Text Editors Directory and File Management (Copy, Move and Delete Files and Directories) Keyboard Shortcuts Shell Configuration Files and Variables How to View Command Line History Finding Files and Directories Streams, Piping and Redirects (and What That Means) Text Manipulation and Searching Compressing and Archiving Automation of Common System Tasks After viewing these videos you will truly grasp the power at your fingertips. These command line videos will give you the tools needed to perform basic and advanced tasks whether you are logged in to your desktop or at the command line on your company server. What's Next The Linux Academy by Pinehead.tv is committed to developing additional materials for all things Linux. We have a large number of course available for Linux Beginners to Advanced Administrators. Keep your eye on this page for more information!

Length: 02:40:47
LiNUX Course

Linux By Example For Novices To Pros

Understanding Linux is sometimes difficult to get your hands around. There are a large number of resources you can use: online courses, books, tutorials and classroom learning. You can get the basics of Linux down using any combination of those along with a little practice, but what you end up with is not really what you need to know to become a professional. Linux by Example Let Linux by Example help you connect all the dots. Take the commands and concepts that you have been introduced to during your Linux adventure and learn how to apply them in real world scenarios. This course will give you concrete examples to walk through, step by step, showing exactly how to set up key services that we all rely on every day. This course is taught by a seasoned Information Technology professional with more than 20 years of industry experience in Linux, Microsoft Windows and has completed all of these configurations in Enterprise Class environments. After viewing this course, you will truly grasp the power and flexibility of Linux. These videos will give you all the tools you need to set up and configure complex services on Linux. The documentation includes detailed step by step instructions with copies of all the configuration files so you can create your own professional reference library. What Is Covered? The real world concepts that are covered during this course include detailed walk throughs of the Linux Academy Live Labs scenarios like: Configuring BIND 9 DNS Configuring Ubuntu NFS Version 4 Remote GUI and Secure VNC Setup Samba Version 4: Windows and Linux Client/Server Apache and Self Signed Certificates LAMP Stack Each concept is comprehensively explained from start to finish. We don't assume that you are familiar with the concepts involved, so if you are not experienced, you will get everything you need to gain that experience. Even if you are a seasoned professional, you will get a concise configuration for all these scenarios that you can easily apply to your situation. Keep your eye on this course for ongoing future updates!

Length: 27:08:40
LiNUX Course

Introduction To VMware ESXi

Today's Enterprise server and desktop environments have undergone drastic changes in the last ten years. No longer is it necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars on big physical servers to meet the email, file, web and database needs of an organization. You will often find that old desktop equipment is being repurposed as personal kiosks accessing virtual company desktop environments. What makes all of this possible is virtualization. This course is taught by a seasoned Information Technology professional with more than 20 years of industry experience in Linux, Microsoft Windows and in a number of Enterprise and Desktop virtualization technologies. We will discuss all of the types of virtualization that you may run into in the workplace, from the datacenter to the desktop. These videos will define the different virtualization solutions from various vendors and what the specific use cases for each are. We will then explore one vendor solution in detail, VMWare’s ESXi 5.5 Free Edition as well as the Enterprise Edition. What Is Covered? These videos will introduce the viewer to virtualization concepts that apply to both the datacenter and desktop environments. We will prepare you to install, configure and manage server images, desktop clients and the VMWare ESXi 5.5 virtual environment itself. We will also discuss specific use cases for each virtualization solution as well as explore the reasons why virtualization has become the enterprise and cloud solution of choice.

Length: 04:56:31


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