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Container Networking with Links

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Container Networking with Links

It's all about networking! For this activity, President Squawk has requested your aid in creating a super-duper secret network for transport of secure information between the official SpaceBones website & database. As our resident Docker expert, use legacy Docker links to create a linked network between SpaceBones:thewebsite & the treatlist Postgres database.

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Container Networking with Links


Welcome aboard. It's all about networking in this activity. We've got to create a network for transporting secure information between the official SpaceBones website and the backend database. We're going to do it using legacy Docker links.

Let's get logged into the server, using the credentials provided in the lab page. Once we're in, make sure Docker is running:

docker ps

If we see the ps column headers, we're good to go. There won't be any data probably, because there aren't any containers running.

Create the SpaceBones Container

We need a container to run the website itself, so lets spin one up with this:

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name spacebones spacebones/spacebones:thewebsite

Now, we we run docker ps again, we'll see that spacebones is running.

Create the Treatlist Container

Now we're going to create the container that will hold the database, and make it link the spacebones and postgres (an image that was already sitting there in our home directory).

docker run -d -P --name treatlist --link spacebones:spacebones spacebones/postgres

If we run docker ps again, we'll see treatlist is running. But does that mean the connection is actually made? Who knows? We'd better check:

If not already running, create a new container from the spacebones/postgres image named treatlist.

Verify That the Link Works

docker inspect -f "{{ .HostConfig.Links }}" treatlist


We just created a network for transporting information back and forth between a container running a web server, and another one that is running a database. Those were our marching orders, and we did it. Congratulations!