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Updating Different Linux Distribution Types

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Understanding how to update packages and entire systems running a variety of Linux distributions is a key concept in managing a heterogeneous environment. After completing this activity, the student will have an understanding of how to use the appropriate package management systems for different distributions to update packages and systems in order to obtain functional and security updates for each.

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Your development team has been working with a couple of systems that were not accounted for in your system inventory and are thus not being regularly updated. As they are not production systems, that does not necessarily pose a large issue, however, there are a couple of issues that need to be resolved. Since these systems have a lot of unknown dependencies, for now, you will just need to update security or functional issues you are aware of.

A recent update to the 'yum' package management system for CentOS has been rolled out across your enterprise in order to address an issue with verification of package signatures. You will need to see what version of the Yum Package Manager is installed and, if not the latest version, update JUST the package manager (and any required dependencies). Doing a full system update could introduce other issues you do not have the bandwidth to address at this time.

On the Ubuntu system, the system is a virtual system and just needs the latest 'open-vm-tools' package updated (and any related dependencies). Be very careful on this system, there are a large number of library files (and versions) that are customized and doing a blanket update will break weeks worth of customization work.