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Advanced Editing with Vim

Hands-On Lab


Photo of Ross Brunson

Ross Brunson

Linux Training Architect II





The Vim editor is extremely capable and has many features that merit attention, chiefly to enhance the productivity of its users. While there are alternatives in the open and proprietary worlds, it's still the most-shipped and included editor in the world of Unix and Linux. In this lab, we'll use more advanced features of the editor, including additional search and replacement of text, as well as a visual mode that allows multi-dimensional selection of lines, text, and columns. We'll also learn about the use of Vim windows, how to split the display into windows, and navigate and configure them to suit your style. Additionally, we'll get an awareness of the diff command, how diff mode is incorporated into Vim, how to invoke it to resolve changes between files, and how to use vimdiff mode, as well as how to learn even more about Vim.

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