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ECE Practice Exam — Part 2

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In Part 2 of the Elastic Certified Engineer practice exam, you will be tested on the following exam objectives:

  • Perform index, create, read, update, and delete operations on the documents of an index
  • Use the Reindex API and Update By Query API to reindex and/or update documents
  • Define and use an ingest pipeline that satisfies a given set of requirements, including the use of Painless to modify documents
  • Diagnose Shard Issues and Repair a Cluster’s Health
  • Write and execute a search query for terms and/or phrases in one or more fields of an index
  • Write and execute a search query that is a Boolean combination of multiple queries and filters
  • Highlight the search terms in the response of a query
  • Sort the results of a query by a given set of requirements
  • Implement pagination in the results of a search query
  • Apply fuzzy matching to a query
  • Define and Use a Search Template
  • Write and execute a query that searches multiple clusters
  • Write and execute metric and bucket aggregations
  • Write and execute aggregations that contain sub-aggregations
  • Write and execute pipeline aggregations
  • Back up and restore a cluster and/or specific indices
  • Configure a cluster for cross-cluster search
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