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Deploy and Configure an Elasticsearch Cluster

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Before we can get hands-on with indexing, searching, and aggregating our data with Elasticsearch, we first need to know how to prepare a system and how to deploy and configure Elasticsearch. In this hands-on lab, you will deploy a 3-node Elasticsearch cluster with a specific set of configuration requirements. Specifically, you will:

  • Install Java
  • Create an elastic user with specific open file limits
  • Set memory map limits via sysctl
  • Deploy Elasticsearch from an archive
  • Specify Elasticsearch cluster and node names
  • Create custom attributes for Elasticsearch nodes
  • Assign Elasticsearch node roles
  • Configure the Elasticsearch Java virtual machine (JVM) heap
  • Bind Elasticsearch to specific network addresses
  • Configure Elasticsearch node discovery
  • Set cluster limitations to avoid split brain
  • Start Elasticsearch as a daemon
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