Create an Auto Scaling Group and Application Load Balancer in AWS

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In this AWS hands-on lab, we will integrate two powerful AWS services: Elastic Load Balancers and Auto Scaling Groups. Specifically, we will create an Auto Scaling Group of EC2 instances operating as web servers and we'll configure an Application Load Balancer to load balance between the instances inside that Auto Scaling Group. After everything is set up, we will simulate stress tests on the EC2 instances to confirm the Auto Scaling Group works as expected. This experience is good practice for building highly available and cost-efficient applications on AWS. Here is the user-data required for this lab: #!/bin/bash yum update -y yum install -y httpd yum install -y wget cd /var/www/html wget wget service httpd start For Windows users using PuTTY, here are instructions for using it to SSH.

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