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Using ‘firewalld’ for Advanced Packet Filtering

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Managing a local firewall is something pretty much every Linux admin is going to have to do during their career. Many operating systems have adopted firewalld as the local firewall management system moving forward. Setting this up can lead to a more secure server and increase security through your environment.

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Our security team has decided that one of the servers in the datacenter may have been compromised. They'd like you to lock down SSH access from the CLIENT to the SERVER while still allowing the SERVER to serve web pages and allow SSH from anywhere else.

Apache is already installed and configured. You need to use firewall-cmd to set the local firewall up to deny that specific access.

Once that's complete the Security team has decided they do want to allow the ping command to work from the CLIENT to the SERVER. Once complete you can turn the CLIENT and SERVER back over to the Security team to complete their investigation.