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Deploying an Azure Cosmos DB Instance

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As modern, cloud-based apps have evolved, they've required data storage to adapt with them. Often the exact schema needed is not known up front and will probably change over time. Services such as Azure Cosmos DB have risen to the challenge to meet this need, providing multi-model, globally distributed, efficient NoSQL databases. In this hands-on lab scenario, you are the DBA for Awesome Company. A new video game is in development that will require a cloud database backend. Your solution will need to have the ability to replicate globally as the game is released to new countries, maintain fast and consistent performance so that there is no game lag, and have guaranteed availability so players can game whenever they want. Performing the actions of this lab will help you become familiar with how to deploy Azure Cosmos DB.

Note: It will take a significant amount of time for the deployment to finish. Please allot at least an hour for total lab time.

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