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Multiple IPs on the Same Interface

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In this learning activity, you're being tasked with adding two more IPs to the the existing environment. There is currently a private IP of You must add and

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Multiple IPs on the Same Interface

The Scenario

In preparation for migrating additional services to a new host, we must provision two more IP addresses on it. These IP addresses are and, on the same subnet as the existing IP.

Get logged in

Use the credentials and server IP in the hands-on lab overview page to log into our lab server. Once we're in, we can get moving.

Add the Additional IP Address Configuration

First, let's see how things are currently sitting, and get our IP address at the moment:

[cloud_user@host]$ nmcli c
[cloud_user@host]$ nmcli d show eth0

The command we can use to add the additional addresses is:

[cloud_user@host]$ sudo nmcli c mod System eth0 ipv4.addresses,

To check where things stand now, run:

[cloud_user@host]$ nmcli c show System eth0 | grep ipv4

Restart Networking

Once we're confident in the configuration, we can restart networking using:

[cloud_user@host]$ sudo systemctl restart network

Now we can run:

[cloud_user@host]$ nmcli

This should show that we have the three IP addresses.


That was it. We just needed to add a couple of IP addresses to our interface, and we're done. Congratulations!