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Working with Lambda Functions, Aliases, and Versions

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Welcome to this hands-on lab where we will be creating a Lambda function, and then building a new version using updated code. Once we have two separate versions, we will then see how we can utilize aliases for rapid code progression.

After everything is all said and done, you will have some hands-on experience with real-life scenarios, dealing with updating and deploying Lambda code.

The primary focus will be on these AWS features:

  1. Lambda Console
  2. Function Code
  3. Lambda Versions & Aliases

AWS Lambda allows you to create functions and only have to worry about managing your code!

What are Hands-On Labs?

Hands-On Labs are scenario-based learning environments where learners can practice without consequences. Don't compromise a system or waste money on expensive downloads. Practice real-world skills without the real-world risk, no assembly required.