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File and Buffer Operations with Vim

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The ability to work with files and buffers in Vim is just as important as the actual editing in Vim you'll do so often in your career. Most people can manage to edit a file or a buffer, but having the skills to adroitly handle the sometimes many buffers that will be in use is valuable, to say the least.

In this hands-on lab you'll gain some practice opening new and existing files, open multiple files and navigate among the buffers handily.

You'll also be working with saving and exiting, exiting without saving changes, then causing a crash to experience recovering from one. Knowing how to do this sets you apart from most casual Vim users!

What are Hands-On Labs?

Hands-On Labs are scenario-based learning environments where learners can practice without consequences. Don't compromise a system or waste money on expensive downloads. Practice real-world skills without the real-world risk, no assembly required.