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Configure and Use an SMTP Server for Email Forwarding

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Using a system to forward email to another system or for an entire domain is a common use case for SMTP. In this activity, you will get a chance to install and work with SMTP as a forwarding agent in order to better understand the flow of messages between systems.

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Your team would like a centralized server to function as a Simple Mail Transfer Protocal server. Your organization's standard SMTP service is 'postfix', which you are being asked to install and configure.

Once you have Postfix installed, you are being asked to set the destinations for the local server system such that emails come from the IP address of the server RATHER than looking to be from localhost. Be sure to use the appropriate postfix utility to edit:

  • mydestinations
  • mynetworks
  • inet_interfaces

In order to avoid any issues. Once the configuration is complete, restart the postfix service and verify that you can send email through postfix port 25 (using telnet for example, or any other CLI mail client you choose to install).