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AWS DynamoDB in the Console – Creating Tables, Items, and Indexes

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Welcome to this live AWS environment for learning the fundamentals of using DynamoDB in the AWS console. This activity provides you with essential exposure to database concepts such as partition and sort keys, how to add, delete, and update items, as well as attributes inside of a DynamoDB table. You will also add Local and Global Secondary Indexes, and use the Local Secondary Index to query for items in your table.

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Login to the AWS console with the provided link and credentials. Then navigate to the DynamoDB section of the AWS Console underneath the "Sevices" dropdown.

Then, create a DynamoDB table. Name it whatever you'd like! Use either a composite or simple primary key. Set the provisioned throughout manually at 10 or less RCUs and WCUs.

Then add some items and practice querying the items and playing around with DynamoDB.