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Getting Started with Puppet Modules

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In this hands-on lab, we'll be focusing on learning and using the basic components of a Puppet module. A module in Puppet is a collection of Puppet code that helps us configure an end state — specifically, we're going to be creating a basic module that installs, configures, and starts the MySQL service.

As we create this module, we'll learn about manifests, classes, class definitions, resource types and definitions, and the syntax used to create simple Puppet code. Once finished, the student will have an understanding of the core components of a Puppet class, and can start exploring more advanced features, such as templating, including Hiera, and creating parameters.

What are Hands-On Labs?

Hands-On Labs are scenario-based learning environments where learners can practice without consequences. Don't compromise a system or waste money on expensive downloads. Practice real-world skills without the real-world risk, no assembly required.