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Using AWS EBS Snapshots to Restore Files to an AWS EBS Volume

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This hands-on lab will walk through the process of restoring files from an EBS Snapshot back to its original location in an EBS Volume. The scenario presented will be the accidental deletion of a file in an EBS Volume.

Fortunately, before this deletion occurred a snapshot of the EBS Volume was created. Once the EBS Snapshot is created, the student can work from the AWS Command Line Interface to create a new volume from the snapshot.

The new volume can then be attached to the existing EC2 instance. After connecting the volume to the EC2 instance, the file can be restored to its original location on the original EBS volume. This hands-on lab also provides an opportunity to do some work from the AWS CLI.

Note: After the lab starts, wait one minute to make sure all the resources for the lab are ready.

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